Agave and Yucca Workshop

The Agave and Yucca Red List assessment workshop took place 12-16 February 2018 in the city of Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico. During this 5-day workshop, a total of 185 species of the genus Agave and Yucca were assessed with the participation of 30 experts, 4 IUCN facilitators and 3 staff from CONABIO who helped mapping. This workshop was the first join activity executed by the SG and our host institution, the DGB, and we are pleased to say it was a great collaborative success. This workshop was possible for the kind support of Desert Botanical Garden and IUCN-Toyota Partnership. We also want to thank our local host, Jardín Botánico Regional de Cadereyta, to support the organization and logistics of the workshop.

Participants in the 2018 Agave and Yucca Red List assessment workshop.
Photo: Agave and Yucca Red List workshop participants in alphabetical order by country. Colombia: Diego Giraldo Cañas. Guatemala: Mario Véliz. Honduras: José Linares. Mexico: Magdalena Ayala, Alejandro Casas, Cuauhtémoc Enríquez, Abisaí García-Mendoza, Martha González-Elizondo, Luis Hernández-Sandoval, Magdalena Herández-Martínez, José Luis León de la Luz, Loraine Matías-Palafox, Emiliano Sánchez, Daniel Sandoval-Gutiérrez, Eloy Solano, Ignacio Torres-García, Sergio Zamudio. U.K.: U.S.A.: Marcos Caraballo, Rául Puente, Andrew Salywon, Sula Vanderplank. IUCN facilitators: Bárbara Goettsch, Ana María Martínez Richardt. Hellen Rowe, Jan Schipper, CONABIO mapping support: Jesús Alarcón, Cuauhtémoc Enriquez, Oswaldo Oliveros, DBG support: Kimberlie McCue. We assessed some species remotely with the help of the following experts: Cuba: José Ángel García Beltrán. U.S.A.: Karen Clary, Wendy Hodgson, Lucas Majure.

Aloes from Madagascar workshop

This workshop took place 22-26 October 2018 in Cambridge, UK, at the David Attenborough Building—where the IUCN Red List Unit is based. Expert Solofo Rakotoarisoa assessed the extinction risk of 126 Aloes from Madagascar with the help of IUCN facilitators Ana Martínez and Bárbara Goettsch. This workshop was possible thanks to the support of Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and IUCN–Toyota Partnership.

Three smiling members at a table.
Members at the Aloes from Madagascar workshop.